Kodi No Sticky Top 12 ml

This top (coating) is intended for Cody gel polish and more. 
Top Cody without a sticky layer is perfect for use with other brands of gel polishes. 
Provides lasting shine and brightness of the manicure for at least 2-3 weeks.
It has established itself as a reliable resistant topcoat, which also allows to smooth the surface of the nail if necessary due to its thick and viscous consistency.
Polymerization time is standard for him: in a LED lamp - 30 seconds, in a UV lamp 36 W - 2 minutes.
The topcoat is removed using either the specialized Tips off tool from Kodi, or using a sawing machine. 
Before removing the topcoat, treat the nail plate with a buff or a file (cut off the top layer). 
This will greatly facilitate the removal of gel polish.

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