Set Of Kodi Natural Rubber Base Gel

Set Of Kodi Natural Rubber Base Gel

KODI PROFESSIONAL presents an innovative development - a series of unique color bases NATURAL RUBBER BASE.

The series is presented in 6 natural shades. 
This base has camouflage properties, viscous in consistency and has a sticky layer. 
Due to the elastic rubber base and excellent adhesive properties, the base has a pronounced strengthening and levelling effect, prevents chips and cracks. 
Universal in purpose, equally effective when working with natural and artificial nails. The main advantage of the novelty is a wide range of applications. 


NATURAL RUBBER BASE base in PINK shade can be used: 
as a base gel for modelling artificial nails; 
for smoothing and strengthening natural nails; 
as a basis for colour coating.

Polymerization Time: 
36 watts in a UV lamp - 2 minutes, in a LED lamp - 30 seconds. 

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